QSL Card Search Updated Today

I just finished importing a fresh copy of my log today so all QSOs I’ve logged since 3/20/2013 are now available to be searched.

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New QSL Card Search Added!

Thanks to some help from a PHP ninja, I added a new page for QSL info! You can use this search to check the status of any QSL Card that I have received or sent! If you’re expecting one then you can see if I sent it. If you sent one and I have not replied as of yet then, well you can see that too! Hit up the QSL tab up top.

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Updated the Energy Conservation Page today.

You can use the menu up top to get to it.

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EOY 2012 QSO Counts

Thanks to Clublog.org I have this nice little chart showing what my end of the year QSO counts have been over the past couple of years.  You can see here I ended 2012 with fewer QSOs than 2011 but I made more Phone contacts. 2011 just happens to be the year that I discovered the Signalink USB…


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More QSL’s received via the Bureau on 1/4/2013!

Happy New Year to me!  Thanks to everyone who has sent them my way. I have a bunch getting ready to go out to the ARRL Bureau soon!  If I owe you one and you haven’t received it yet just let me know and I’ll make sure I sent it. Thanks and 73!

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New Page Added

I have somehow managed to get myself into another hobby. The hobby of Energy Conservation. You can see my progress by clicking the link up top!

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Multiple QSL’s received from the bureau and Direct on 6/9/2012

Thanks to EVERYONE who still sends paper qsl’s! I received a bunch of them over the weekend and I also received 2 SWL QSL’s as well! I’ll be replying to those that I haven’t already replied to shortly. Thanks and 73!

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DXCC Applied for!

Thanks to the recent contests in March, I finally have my 100 confirmations needed for DXCC! I submitted the first 88 via LOTW and sent the other 12 QSL Cards to HQ. The LOTW credits have already been applied and now I just have to wait 5 or 6 weeks for HQ to process my 12 cards! Talk about efficiency! Either way, It took me about a year of off and on playing around to get my first 100. Not as hard as I initially thought it would be. Thanks goes out to those of you who confirmed with me via LOTW or directly, even though I paid for the return shipping and submitted an SASE with my QSL requests! hehe 73 for now!

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QSL’s sent out direct on March 6th 2012.

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QSLs sent out direct on 3/2/2012







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