Missed Contacts Resolved

If you sent me a message through my Contact Me page over the past year and a half and I didn’t respond to you, I may not have received it through my forwarding service.

I apologize for that. I receive and respond to a lot of them and thought everything was working great! Well in doing site maintenance over the weekend I found a lot of requests that never made it to my forwarding address for whatever reason. I just replied to what I believe to be all that I missed. So it really was me sending those messages out to you this morning. Sorry it took so long, but if you message me in the future it shouldn’t happen again. You can always contact me directly at my ku4by at arrl dot net email address as well.

Thanks and 73!


2-16-2020 Update

For those who are looking to get the cable replaced on their HTX-252 microphones, I am still refurbing them. I currently have 3 cords and a couple microphone connectors on hand if needed. Send me an e-mail to or hit up the Contact me page in the menu above. I have done about 60 of these microphones over the past few years and only had a couple that went sideways on me. One was a bad cord from the manufacturer and the other was a bad solder joint. It happens… 🙂

The process for this remains the same.

  • Send me your microphone and payment of $35 if paying via check or MO. Paypal also accepted and just needs to be paid before I return your microphone. (You pay to ship to me)
  • I’ll change out the cable with a thicker more durable one and test it out.
  • I’ll ship the microphone back to you. (I pay return shipping.)

I do still have the Ebay auction online but I have to charge $10 more for that because of all of the fees involved through them and Paypal which equates to almost 15%. Don’t get me wrong, I love helping y’all out and keeping these cool little rigs on the air but I can’t do it for free!

My QTH is good on QRZ.com but feel free to contact me in advance to confirm that I have the supplies on hand necessary to complete the refurb.

For the HTX-242 microphones, I’m still looking for a suitable cable. I found one that works but the stress relief doesn’t fit the microphone case and I can’t keep purchasing random cables just to see if they’ll fit. So if you have a 242 microphone and a cable you think would work, let me know and I’ll give it a shot to see.

This weekend I did some basic site maintenance. This site is now 100% SSL enabled! So (hopefully) no more annoying messages in Google Chrome saying that it isn’t. Your connection to this site is now 100% encrypted. I also added a recaptcha box to the contact me form because there have been a ton of spam bots sending me messages lately. Finally, I added the cookie notice you should have seen at the bottom of the page when you first opened it up. I did this because I do use affiliate links in some of my posts and they keep track to make sure I get credit if you purchase anything. I don’t make much through affiliate links but every little bit helps in funding the cost of hosting this site. And last but not least, I removed my QSL gallery from the site because it got too large and was taking up a significant amount of space while slowing down my backups.

In the near future I plan on updating my log database to reflect my actual log’s current state. Also, I noticed some of the post comments aren’t showing up on the site for some reason. I’m looking into getting that fixed as well.

That’s it for now.

Thanks & 73!