HTX-212 / HTX-242 Cord Replacements Now Available!

I recently had some free time, as did everyone else I’m sure, so I sat down and tested out a few cables for replacing the HTX-212 / HTX-242 microphones. I found one that works great and if you want to try to replace your own, you can get one here.

If you’d like to ship me your microphone to do the repair, just Contact Me and we’ll work out the specifics. The cost is $35 per microphone, just like the HTX-252’s.

I added a page for the repair but I only have a pic of the finished microphone so far. You can see that page here. More to come soon! An Ebay auction will go up as soon as I get more cables on hand as well.



Shipstation (Affiliate Links Ahead!) :-)

I started using Shipstation about a year ago to help me out with my shipping on both my HTX-252 microphones and my Ebay auctions.

I really love how easy it was to set up for both a personal and business account. For Ebay, it automatically downloads my sales and puts them in the same place so I can easily see what needs to be shipped and how.

Prior to using it, I was solely relying on which only allowed me to print postage but Shipstation is only half the price and with it, I still get the benefit of reduced postage rates from but I also get customized shipping e-mails and analytics for what is selling and who is buying them. So I immediately saved 50% on postage!

If you have me repair a microphone for you, you’ll receive an automated message with the tracking info and my contact information. Once it is delivered, you’ll receive another e-mail stating as such.

I’ve been so impressed that I figured I would share my positive experience that I don’t often do online anymore… 🙂

If you’re looking for an all in one shipping solution for pretty much any of the online sales services or even jut to create your own, click any of my affiliate links in the post. You won’t be disappointed and they have a free trial. If you have any questions about ShipStation, they have excellent customer service and if nothing else, I can help you out if you need it!

On a personal note, I do these campaigns to help offset the costs of repairing the HTX-252 microphones. I don’t really make much off of doing them and that is fine. I use whatever I receive to pay for the hosting of this site and buy soldering supplies and cords.

Thanks & 73!


5-10-2020 Update

Well a lot sure has changed in the 3 months since my last update. Covid-19 has kept a lot of people home and the airwaves busier from what I have heard. I’ve been working from home since October of 2019 so not too much changed for me in that aspect but eating at home every night sure has been different. I hope everyone makes it out OK and everyone manages to pick up some good habits out of all this like no touching your face! The Marine Corps helped me out with this one back in the day! 🙂

It’s business as usual for HTX-252 microphone repairs though. I’ve done about 15 of them in the last couple months. It seems like there was an uptick of them over the past few weeks so I’m guessing more and more people were wanting to break out their old rigs and get back on the air while stuck at home.

I currently have about 5 cords on hand with a couple of them possibly spoken for depending on whether or not the microphones show up. I do these on a first come first serve basis because I don’t like to keep anyone waiting if I don’t have to.

The cost and process is still the same.

  • Send me your microphone and payment of $35 if paying via check. Paypal also accepted and just needs to be paid before I return your microphone. (You pay to ship to me)
  • I’ll change out the cable with a thicker more durable one and test it out.
  • I’ll ship the microphone back to you. (I pay return shipping.)

You can always reach me through my Contact Me page or but my QTH is good on as well.

Thanks and Stay Safe!