HTX-212 HTX-242 HTX-252 Wiring Info

I had a few requests for the wiring info for these mics so I put this little cheat sheet together. You can see that the 212 and 242 microphones are both wired up the same way but I separated them because they both have individual part numbers. The RJ-45 images are for pin reference only, ignore the wire colors.

The PDF version of this sheet is available here.


Steve KU4BY

9-25-2020 Update

For those interested, I’m still doing the microphone repairs for the HTX-212, HTX-242, and the HTX-252 microphones. There are a few more steps in the 212/242 repair so please be patient when shipping me those.

Right now I do all repairs for $35 but that is going to change soon as some materials that I use, such as the cords, have all gone up a little in price since I started doing these 5 years ago. I don’t do this to get rich but the 212/242 microphones require new cords and RJ45 connectors so I think I’m gonna bump up the price of the 212/242 microphones up to $40 to cover the extra supplies needed like hot glue, RJ-45 connectors, cords, etc…

I’m gonna set a start date of 1 JAN 2021. So if you’d like me to replace the cords on your 212/242 microphones for $35, now’s your chance to get it done before the price goes up!

I do still offer the repair on eBay but that price has to be higher due to the fees involved. I just leave that up there for anyone who feels more comfortable going that route.

With that said, I just updated the HTX-212 / HTX-242 Microphone Cord Replacements page with some pics and things I’ve found while doing some recent repairs.

As always, if you need to contact me you can do that here or send an e-mail to “mycall”

Thanks & 73!

Steve KU4BY