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It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I did anything with this site. I’ve been playing around a lot with the KiwiSDR and not paying as much attention to my webmaster duties. Sorry about that.

I am still replacing mic cords as necessary. I’ve done about 7 already this year and should have another one arrive in the mail today. So if you’re here because you’ve been searching for ways to rectify your crumbling mic cord, you found the right place.

Just hit the Contact Me link at the top of the page and let me know. The cost of the cords did go up last year like everything else but I’m trying to stay as reasonable as possible. Here’s the breakdown:

HTX 252 microphones ……………………………… $40

HTX-212 & HTX-242 microphones ……….. $45

These prices include the repair, the new cord, and return shipping. Turn around times are typically a couple days after I receive the mic.

If you have any questions, just Contact Me.

Thanks & 73!

Steve KU4BY

Contact Me Issue resolved for now…

I’ve had a few folks contact me and tell me that the Contact Me page wasn’t working but each time I tested it out it worked just fine, until today… It turns out the theme I was using was causing the error so I changed it up a bit to see if that would fix it. It did. So I am running a different theme on here for the time being and it appears everything is back to normal at this point. Sure it looks a little more professional than it did before, but I miss the old wood grain look so I am still going to look into making that theme work once again!

Also I am still replacing the cords on the microphones for anyone who needs one. Try the Contact Me page first as that is the quickest way to get a hold of me. If that doesn’t work, my call @ works also.

73 for now!


Welcome to 2020 Won!

Well as bad as 2020 was, it was a busy year for me somehow. I finished off the year replacing the mic cords on 38 microphones and my eyes are feeling it! I replaced the cords on 26 HTX-252 mics, 8 HTX-242 mics, and 4 HTX-212 microphones. Over the past 5 1/2 years I’ve done about 110 total.

Granted, I just started doing the 212 and 242 microphones in 2020 but even the 26 HTX-252 microphones is more than I’ve done in a single year previously. I guess it could be the lock downs or the stimulus checks, but they were distributed pretty much evenly throughout the year, Thank God!

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been doing these mics for $35 each for the past 5+ years even though the prices of shipping and supplies have been steadily increasing. I do this as needed more so to help others keep their trusty rigs on the air than to get rich but I have to draw a line between being paid to do them and paying to do them.

So from now on I’ll be charging $40 if you Contact me from this site for each of the 3 types of microphones. Of course that varies if you provide the cord or send multiple mikes.

The eBay auction is still up if you prefer to go that route. eBay has stated that they’re changing the way sellers get paid and that might take PayPal out of the equation. If it does then I’ll probably lower the price on the auction but for now it has to be a bit higher due to all of the fees involved.

If you need references, you can check my Feedback on eBay or hit me up and I’ll dig up a few for ya.

Here’s a pic of a 242 mike I received for repair.

And here’s what they look like when I’m done.

That’s it for now. Happy New Year All!



KIWISDR Is Up and Running!

So I recently acquired a KiwiSDR which is a software defined receiver for listening to Shortwave via the PC. Overall its pretty cool. The problem is that I am not an antenna designer or builder, never have been. So I made a simple long wire to test it out and it does OK but not great.

For now it lives in my shed as my QTH is a noisy environment. If you have any ideas on what would make a decent but not too invasive SWL antenna, feel free to give me some hints below!

In the meantime, if you want to see how the KIWISDR works, you can access it online at http:\\ There are 4 receivers but I’m usually taking up one of them. Some of the bands are still quite noisy but the MW and 49Meters and up bands seem to be usable.

The interface looks a little intimidating at first but give it a shot. It gets easier after a bit.

If you have any questions, let me know!

73 for now!


12-10-2020 Something Fun!

Well it’s been a few since I added any updates so I wanted to hop back on and let everyone know that I am still doing the cord replacements for the HTX-212, HTX-242, and HTX-252 microphones if you have one that had deteriorated. Just hit up my Contact Me page and let me know about it!

I’ve done well over 100 of these microphones over the past 5 years and I got to wondering how they were geographically distributed around the country. So I did some research and found a site that will map out locations copied from a spreadsheet and I gave t a shot.

What I found was interesting because most of the microphones were from the East Coast along with a few from the Mid West and along the West Coast. And then there’s that one guy in the North East corner of Utah…

Well if it shows up correctly, the map should be below.

That’s it for now.



View Mic Locations in a full screen map

HTX-212 HTX-242 HTX-252 Wiring Info

I had a few requests for the wiring info for these mics so I put this little cheat sheet together. You can see that the 212 and 242 microphones are both wired up the same way but I separated them because they both have individual part numbers. The RJ-45 images are for pin reference only, ignore the wire colors.

The PDF version of this sheet is available here.


Steve KU4BY

9-25-2020 Update

For those interested, I’m still doing the microphone repairs for the HTX-212, HTX-242, and the HTX-252 microphones. There are a few more steps in the 212/242 repair so please be patient when shipping me those.

Right now I do all repairs for $35 but that is going to change soon as some materials that I use, such as the cords, have all gone up a little in price since I started doing these 5 years ago. I don’t do this to get rich but the 212/242 microphones require new cords and RJ45 connectors so I think I’m gonna bump up the price of the 212/242 microphones up to $40 to cover the extra supplies needed like hot glue, RJ-45 connectors, cords, etc…

I’m gonna set a start date of 1 JAN 2021. So if you’d like me to replace the cords on your 212/242 microphones for $35, now’s your chance to get it done before the price goes up!

I do still offer the repair on eBay but that price has to be higher due to the fees involved. I just leave that up there for anyone who feels more comfortable going that route.

With that said, I just updated the HTX-212 / HTX-242 Microphone Cord Replacements page with some pics and things I’ve found while doing some recent repairs.

As always, if you need to contact me you can do that here or send an e-mail to “mycall”

Thanks & 73!

Steve KU4BY

KU4BY’s a Thief???

OK, it’s time for a little transparency here.

As some of you may have seen, after 4 years of only replacing the cords on HTX-252 microphones, I can now do the 212 and 242 as well. So I was replying to a few old emails asking folks if they still need to get one of those replaced. Well this is a response I received from one of those e-mails.

“I am no longer interested. , You take too long to reply, so that is very suspicious, not gonna send a mic o probably won’t get back “

So I’ve done over 100+ microphones for people over the years. Every single one of them has received their repaired microphone back. Why would I want that many microphones? What could I possibly do with them all? I only have 4 radios and I’m obviously not selling them or the HTX community would definitely know about it. This is the first time I have ever been accused to being a thief and it’s apparently because I didn’t reply to an e-mail soon enough. So here is the response that I sent to said e-mail.

On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 10:23 AM <KU4BY> wrote:

Well I could provide a list of 100+ people who would disagree with your assumption.  

I just started doing the 212/242 microphones a couple weeks ago. Prior to that I was only doing the 252 microphones because that is the only rig I had to test with.

I also had issues with messages not being forwarded which is why I am using this account directly now.

This isn’t a full time job for me, it’s a hobby and a way to help out others and help pay for my site hosting fees. I do have a full time job though so no, I may not be able to respond to all emails as quickly as I’d like.

I also offer the service on eBay as well to allow people more flexibility and assurance that they’ll get their mic back. Sure it costs more that way but Ebay and Paypal both charge fees.

I’ve shipped 8 microphones out in the past week. I’m attaching a snip just to prove it. The ? marks in front of the tracking numbers are the ones going out today so they’re not in the system yet. The trucks are the ones enroute. The check marks have already been delivered.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not begging you to let me replace the cord on your microphone. I was just offering to help like I do for everyone else. A simple “Not Interested” would have been fine, but I will not let anyone accuse me of being a thief.

Good luck getting your mic fixed.


And here is the shipping snip I provided as proof.

Snip showing Microphones mailed out 6-1-2020 through 6-8-2020.

So then I received a response saying it was because I didn’t call him. So now I’m a thief because I didn’t call him. Well out of all of the microphones I’ve repaired for people, I have only spoke to 3 of them. Maybe people are too trusting? Either way, I’ve never given anyone a reason to not trust me. Here is an image from my Ebay auction that shows my feedback related to the HTX-252 microphone repairs. Feel free to look me up on there and you’ll see my 100% positive feedback rating.

If after all this, you still think I am a Thief, then just move on because I am in this to help others, not to deal with drama.

If I have ever stolen your microphone please provide proof and say so in the comments. Likewise, if I’ve ever returned your microphone and you come back here just to read the updates, also leave a response.



HTX-212 / HTX-242 Cord Replacements Now Available!

I recently had some free time, as did everyone else I’m sure, so I sat down and tested out a few cables for replacing the HTX-212 / HTX-242 microphones. I found one that works great and if you want to try to replace your own, you can get one here.

If you’d like to ship me your microphone to do the repair, just Contact Me and we’ll work out the specifics. The cost is $35 per microphone, just like the HTX-252’s.

I added a page for the repair but I only have a pic of the finished microphone so far. You can see that page here. More to come soon! An Ebay auction will go up as soon as I get more cables on hand as well.



Shipstation (Affiliate Links Ahead!) :-)

I started using Shipstation about a year ago to help me out with my shipping on both my HTX-252 microphones and my Ebay auctions.

I really love how easy it was to set up for both a personal and business account. For Ebay, it automatically downloads my sales and puts them in the same place so I can easily see what needs to be shipped and how.

Prior to using it, I was solely relying on which only allowed me to print postage but Shipstation is only half the price and with it, I still get the benefit of reduced postage rates from but I also get customized shipping e-mails and analytics for what is selling and who is buying them. So I immediately saved 50% on postage!

If you have me repair a microphone for you, you’ll receive an automated message with the tracking info and my contact information. Once it is delivered, you’ll receive another e-mail stating as such.

I’ve been so impressed that I figured I would share my positive experience that I don’t often do online anymore… 🙂

If you’re looking for an all in one shipping solution for pretty much any of the online sales services or even jut to create your own, click any of my affiliate links in the post. You won’t be disappointed and they have a free trial. If you have any questions about ShipStation, they have excellent customer service and if nothing else, I can help you out if you need it!

On a personal note, I do these campaigns to help offset the costs of repairing the HTX-252 microphones. I don’t really make much off of doing them and that is fine. I use whatever I receive to pay for the hosting of this site and buy soldering supplies and cords.

Thanks & 73!