KIWISDR Is Up and Running!

So I recently acquired a KiwiSDR which is a software defined receiver for listening to Shortwave via the PC. Overall its pretty cool. The problem is that I am not an antenna designer or builder, never have been. So I made a simple long wire to test it out and it does OK but not great.

For now it lives in my shed as my QTH is a noisy environment. If you have any ideas on what would make a decent but not too invasive SWL antenna, feel free to give me some hints below!

In the meantime, if you want to see how the KIWISDR works, you can access it online at http:\\ There are 4 receivers but I’m usually taking up one of them. Some of the bands are still quite noisy but the MW and 49Meters and up bands seem to be usable.

The interface looks a little intimidating at first but give it a shot. It gets easier after a bit.

If you have any questions, let me know!

73 for now!


12-10-2020 Something Fun!

Well it’s been a few since I added any updates so I wanted to hop back on and let everyone know that I am still doing the cord replacements for the HTX-212, HTX-242, and HTX-252 microphones if you have one that had deteriorated. Just hit up my Contact Me page and let me know about it!

I’ve done well over 100 of these microphones over the past 5 years and I got to wondering how they were geographically distributed around the country. So I did some research and found a site that will map out locations copied from a spreadsheet and I gave t a shot.

What I found was interesting because most of the microphones were from the East Coast along with a few from the Mid West and along the West Coast. And then there’s that one guy in the North East corner of Utah…

Well if it shows up correctly, the map should be below.

That’s it for now.



View Mic Locations in a full screen map