HTX Microphone Repair Stats

OK so I’ve been replacing mic cords here and there for the past 7 or so years. Obviously the big one has been the HTX-252 since you can’t really do anything without the original mic.

I sat down the other day and looked over my spreadsheet out of plain curiosity and figured I’d run the numbers to see how many I’ve done, what type they were, and where they were from. So I mapped it out.

Each color equates to either the HTX-212, HTX-242, or the HTX-252 and shows the city and state they were shipped to. If you click on the icon in the top left, it’ll show the legend of what is what. Right off the bat you can see that the HTX-252 has been the most requested repair but I have also been doing those the longest. I’ve only been doing the 212/242 microphones for a couple years now.

If you’re more of a numbers sort of person, I ran those too. Here’s where I am after about 7 years of doing this.

Type Qty Pct
HTX-252 109 74.66%
HTX-242 29 19.86%
HTX-212 8 5.48%
Total 146  

Here you can see that HTX-252 microphones are by far the biggest part of what I repair as they make up 75% of what I’ve received over the years. The total number of mics I’ve repaired is kind of interesting as well because at 146 over 7 years, that would be almost 21 per year, or about one every other week or so. This only includes the HTX microphones though as I do get occasional requests for ADI microphones or rig tests or basic HTX-252 maintenance requests. It’s all good.

I am still doing the repairs as needed so if you need one repaired, give me a shout on the Contact Me page or check out my eBay Auction and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks & 73!