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Let me replace your HTX-252 microphone cable!

Posted by on August 12, 2015

I’ve seen a lot of interest in people wanting to get their HTX-252 microphone cable replaced lately. The repair page is creeping up as one of the most visited on my site next to the Yaesu 857D mod page. I’ve received a few e-mails asking if I would do the replacement and of course I said yes! So here is what I’m offering. I setup a fixed price auction on Ebay for the service. You can click hereto see it. I am supplying the cable and shipping back to you so when you figure those as well as the various fees that both Ebay and Paypal charge. You’ll see I’m more into helping people than becoming a millionaire.

I know that there are those of you who don’t like Ebay or Paypal and so the offer to help still stands, you’ll just have to contact me through this site or via my call I’ll more than likely setup a contact page here in the immediate future but for now, I’m really not that hard to get a hold of.

Let me know if you want your mic cable replaced!



5 Responses to Let me replace your HTX-252 microphone cable!

  1. Robert Wyrick

    Have a mike for my HTX-252 that needs your TLC!!
    Hope to hear from you……73

    Pastor Bob

  2. Donald E Smith

    Steve, my father in law is bringing me his mic tomorrow so I can send it to you for a repair cable. You may have talked w/him in the past, he’s Wayne Shope–K4ANL, Charlotte. I’m hoping to get this fixed for his birthday, which is April 22, I think. He’ll be 91 and still going strong. My wife is such a help for him. She cleans his house every Monday and goes out to eat w/him 6 days/week. She’s the best. I really hope this will be the fix for his 252, since he really looks fwd to using it in his car–I think. I’m not a ham, as you can tell, but am really considering beginning to study for my license. Thanks in advance.

    • Steve

      I was honored to have been able to do this for him and I hope he had an awesome 91st birthday!


  3. Bryan Beam

    Found KU4BY by accident, shipped the mic & just received it. My audio is being reported as great & all of the mic keypad is working great. Absolutely pleased. Great job, Steve!

    73s KE6ATS

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