Macrium Reflect Image Verification Failure and What Caused It.

So about a month or so I was running my full monthly backup on my HP Pavilion 17-g121wm laptop using Macrium Reflect. The full backup ran without a hitch as it always does and then the verification cycle began. I left the laptop to complete it’s mission and came back an couple of hours later to this error message:

Data Verification Failed?? What does that mean? Was it the reading of the data on the laptop in creating the image? Was it the writing of the image to the USB Drive that I was using? Where do you even begin to troubleshoot this??? I could always tested the image by trying to restore it to my laptop which would have made absolutely no sense because I could have ended up losing valuable data that I have accumulated since the previous month’s image if the image was corrupted. So I opted for the next easiest thing to do which was verify that my USB drive was not the culprit.

I use a USB 3.0 1TB My Passport Ultra for local storage of my backups. This particular drive I have owned for years and always had good luck with it but I have a few of them to backup my other machines as well. You can get them for around $50 bucks now and I think it’s well worth it! I didn’t use any elaborate testing software or anything. All I used is the Windows CHKDSK utility. There are tons of tutorials all over the Internet to show you how to do this if you need to. It’s always good to monitor the health of your drives so it’s good to know information anyway.

I ran CHKDSK H: and it reported 0 issues. SO now it appeared that my USB Drive was fine and that left me back at square one with what the Block and File Offset problems could be coming from because if the issue isn’t my USB Hard Drive then it has to be something with my laptop hardware and that’s never fun to troubleshoot!

After a few Google searches I ended up on Macrium’s website in a troubleshooting section that specifically referred to Verification Failures which is located here.

They seemed to concur that this is typically caused by hardware issues even though my laptop was still saying that my C: was healthy, my RAM was showing 16GB as it should, and I had no other noticeable issues with any of the programs that I used on a daily basis that would indicate some sort of failure in general. So now I had to verify that the RAM wasn’t the issue.

Beginning with Windows 7, Microsoft included a neat little utility to test your system’s memory called Windows Memory Diagnostic. You can get to it by Clicking on Start, then search for mdsched.exe or Memory and it should show up. Basically it schedules a memory test for the next time you reboot. There are a lot of different options you can select depending on how in-depth of a test you want performed. I went with the default settings and figured I would dive in deeper if it came back saying everything was OK, but it didn’t.

I watched the test run and almost immediately it came back saying I had a system issue that I needed Vendor involvement to fix. So in other words, something was up with one of my 2 RAM sticks. The only problem with that is that it either didn’t say which one was causing the problem or I just flat out missed it.

I opened up the laptop and removed one of the RAM sticks which brought me down to 8GB of RAM and then ran the memory diagnostic once again. The test found no issues this time and said my RAM was good to go. Then I removed that stick of ram and installed the other 8GB stick and ran the test again but this time I received the same error message as before saying Vendor involvement was required.

I pulled that RAM stick out and stuck it in an ESD Safe bag. Then I replaced the reported good RAM stick in the laptop. I performed a RAM upgrade about a year ago replacing the original 2 sticks of 4GB with 2 sticks of 8GB from Crucial so I still had the original 4GB sticks handy. I installed a 4GB stick along with the 8GB stick and retried the Memory Diagnostic test. This time the test passed with no issues and my laptop was showing 10GB of RAM installed. Everything was good again except I lost 4GB of RAM in the process.

Now for the good news! Crucial Memory carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty which means I was able to go to their website, file a Return Authorization with them, send them my bad memory stick, and then receive a brand new replacement! Sure it cost me a few bucks to send them my defective memory stick but in return, they sent me the brand new 8GB stick free of charge. You can see below that their warranty saved me about $76!

The turn around time from when I sent them my RAM stick to when I received my new RAM stick was about a week. When I received the replacement, I installed it and then went back through the testing process above with Windows Memory Diagnostic and it passed with both 8GB sticks installed.

For the final test, I ran another backup of my laptop with automatic verification and it passed verification. So I really did end up having a hidden RAM issue that never showed itself until I went to do a backup verification.

I always do a backup with verification for obvious reasons and when the verification fails, Reflect deletes the backup. At the time I was too freaked out about the thought of losing data that I didn’t think to try a backup without verification so that I could test it later to see if the issue was really with the created backup or if it was just an issue with Macrium not being able to verify it correctly due to the bad RAM stick. So if you’re reading this because you are in the same boat that I was in, make a test backup to test verification on later and let me know what happens!

I would like to add that I did not purchase these RAM sticks directly from Crucial originally. I purchased them from Amazon because they were cheaper on there and yet Crucial still stood by their warranty! Thanks Again Crucial!

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HTX-242 Microphone Cable Repair Coming Soon???

So if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll remember that I was gifted an old Radio Shack HTX-242 by a great group of guys up in the North West. The 242 microphones are plagued with the same issue that the 252 microphones are when it comes to the rubber coating of the cable dry rotting and falling apart. 

My goal has been to be able to replace the cable on these microphones as well but I really haven’t had a lot of time to dig in to the microphone to see how it is wired to the board. Well a few weeks back, I finally had the chance to do so and I have to say that it is intriguing to say the least. I was hoping to take the mike apart and see one of the Yaesu clone cables that were just a push on connector but I did not. I’m still really not sure how this thing is connected to the PCB as I’m afraid to attempt any type of prying on it.

I’ve taken some pics of it and I’ll post them here after I transfer them to the PC.  The RJ-45 connection doesn’t appear to be much of a challenge at all so once I get the microphone part figured I’ll trace everything out and go from there.

In the mean time, there is a decent 242 on ebay right this moment with the same mike cord ailment that this one has here and it’s not a bad price so grab it while you can!

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Contact Me Now Available!

I just added a Contact Page for those of you who would like to get up with me about anything on my site. This way you can comment on the page for others to see or you can contact me directly if you’d like to get your HTX-252 microphone cable replaced. I typically reply to everyone who posts a comment but it is usually through e-mail and it’s not public so some of the comments appear to go unanswered but I assure you all that this is just not the case. 

So if you’d like to contact me through this site, there is a link at the top of each page labelled Contact Me that will take you to a page where you can do so.




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5-21-16 A Few Words About KU4BY.COM…

So I’ve recently teamed up with the Ebay Partner Network to advertise and hopefully help them generate some revenue through links to the Ebay site. Basically I have started replacing direct links with referral links like pretty much everyone does nowadays only I am letting you know about it in advance. If you click on a link from my site then I get “credit” for driving traffic but no sort of commission whatsoever. If you click on a link from my site and then go make a purchase of anything then I get a very small percentage. Any money that I do generate through this site and that includes microphone cable replacements goes into my website hosting account so that I can keep it going. Free Hosting sites are not an option as I hate them and you know you do too.

I’m not asking for donations but of course they would help out too! I’m just asking to keep my site in mind when you are going to be going online to shop at ebay and click one of my links to ebay like this one to go search for HTX-252 related items.

On the News Front, some great guys up in the North West have graciously donated an HTX-242 for me to tinker with so I may be able to offer the repair of those microphones as well at some point. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to delve into it yet but that day is coming soon!

The microphone repair count is currently up to 25 and so far sooo good! I’ve currently got 4 lonely microphone cables sitting here waiting to give an HTX-252 a new life!

Thanks & 73!



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Let me replace your HTX-252 microphone cable!

I’ve seen a lot of interest in people wanting to get their HTX-252 microphone cable replaced lately. The repair page is creeping up as one of the most visited on my site next to the Yaesu 857D mod page. I’ve received a few e-mails asking if I would do the replacement and of course I said yes! So here is what I’m offering. I setup a fixed price auction on Ebay for the service. You can click hereto see it. I am supplying the cable and shipping back to you so when you figure those as well as the various fees that both Ebay and Paypal charge. You’ll see I’m more into helping people than becoming a millionaire.

I know that there are those of you who don’t like Ebay or Paypal and so the offer to help still stands, you’ll just have to contact me through this site or via my call I’ll more than likely setup a contact page here in the immediate future but for now, I’m really not that hard to get a hold of.

Let me know if you want your mic cable replaced!



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It’s Time for some Spring Cleaning in the Shack!

I’ll be uploading stuff to Ebay over the next month or so. You can see what I have by clicking on the link below.

Click Here to View My Auctions!

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Bureau Cards mailed out today!

I just sent out 75 QSL cards to the ARRL Bureau today. Most of them were cards I owed to others so if you’re expecting a card from me and never received it, check my QSL Search Page and you’ll see if it was sent. 73! for now.

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QSL Search updated on 4/2/2014…Finally!

Yeah it’s been a while but I finally updated my online log. I hope to be sending some cards out to the bureau soon and will update the log once again.

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QSL Search updated on 4/28/13

All logs are now current as of 4/28/13.

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You Spammers just don’t get it do ya…

Your posts will never show up here so you might as well give it up and realize you are just wasting your time as all of your posts go straight to the bit bucket.

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