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Author Archives: Steve

Contact Me Now Available!

I just added a Contact Page for those of you who would like to get up with me about anything on my site. This way you can comment on the page for others to see or you can contact me directly if you’d like to get your HTX-252 microphone cable replaced. I typically reply to … Continue reading »

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5-21-16 A Few Words About KU4BY.COM…

So I’ve recently teamed up with the Ebay Partner Network to advertise and hopefully help them generate some revenue through links to the Ebay site. Basically I have started replacing direct links with referral links like pretty much everyone does nowadays only I am letting you know about it in advance. If you click on … Continue reading »

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Let me replace your HTX-252 microphone cable!

I’ve seen a lot of interest in people wanting to get their HTX-252 microphone cable replaced lately. The repair page is creeping up as one of the most visited on my site next to the Yaesu 857D mod page. I’ve received a few e-mails asking if I would do the replacement and of course I … Continue reading »

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It’s Time for some Spring Cleaning in the Shack!

I’ll be uploading stuff to Ebay over the next month or so. You can see what I have by clicking on the link below. Click Here to View My Auctions!

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Bureau Cards mailed out today!

I just sent out 75 QSL cards to the ARRL Bureau today. Most of them were cards I owed to others so if you’re expecting a card from me and never received it, check my QSL Search Page and you’ll see if it was sent. 73! for now.

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QSL Search updated on 4/2/2014…Finally!

Yeah it’s been a while but I finally updated my online log. I hope to be sending some cards out to the bureau soon and will update the log once again.

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QSL Search updated on 4/28/13

All logs are now current as of 4/28/13.

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You Spammers just don’t get it do ya…

Your posts will never show up here so you might as well give it up and realize you are just wasting your time as all of your posts go straight to the bit bucket.

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QSL Card Search Updated Today

I just finished importing a fresh copy of my log today so all QSOs I’ve logged since 3/20/2013 are now available to be searched.

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New QSL Card Search Added!

Thanks to some help from a PHP ninja, I added a new page for QSL info! You can use this search to check the status of any QSL Card that I have received or sent! If you’re expecting one then you can see if I sent it. If you sent one and I have not … Continue reading »

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