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Author Archives: Steve

HTX-212 HTX-242 HTX-252 Wiring Info

I had a few requests for the wiring info for these mics so I put this little cheat sheet together. You can see that the 212 and 242 microphones are both wired up the same way but I separated them because they both have individual part numbers. The RJ-45 images are for pin reference only, … Continue reading »

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9-25-2020 Update

For those interested, I’m still doing the microphone repairs for the HTX-212, HTX-242, and the HTX-252 microphones. There are a few more steps in the 212/242 repair so please be patient when shipping me those. Right now I do all repairs for $35 but that is going to change soon as some materials that I … Continue reading »

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KU4BY’s a Thief???

OK, it’s time for a little transparency here. As some of you may have seen, after 4 years of only replacing the cords on HTX-252 microphones, I can now do the 212 and 242 as well. So I was replying to a few old emails asking folks if they still need to get one of … Continue reading »

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HTX-212 / HTX-242 Cord Replacements Now Available!

I recently had some free time, as did everyone else I’m sure, so I sat down and tested out a few cables for replacing the HTX-212 / HTX-242 microphones. I found one that works great and if you want to try to replace your own, you can get one here. If you’d like to ship … Continue reading »

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Shipstation (Affiliate Links Ahead!) :-)

I started using Shipstation about a year ago to help me out with my shipping on both my HTX-252 microphones and my Ebay auctions. I really love how easy it was to set up for both a personal and business account. For Ebay, it automatically downloads my sales and puts them in the same place … Continue reading »

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5-10-2020 Update

Well a lot sure has changed in the 3 months since my last update. Covid-19 has kept a lot of people home and the airwaves busier from what I have heard. I’ve been working from home since October of 2019 so not too much changed for me in that aspect but eating at home every … Continue reading »

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Missed Contacts Resolved

If you sent me a message through my Contact Me page over the past year and a half and I didn’t respond to you, I may not have received it through my forwarding service. I apologize for that. I receive and respond to a lot of them and thought everything was working great! Well in … Continue reading »

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2-16-2020 Update

For those who are looking to get the cable replaced on their HTX-252 microphones, I am still refurbing them. I currently have 3 cords and a couple microphone connectors on hand if needed. Send me an e-mail to or hit up the Contact me page in the menu above. I have done about 60 of … Continue reading »

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Macrium Reflect Image Verification Failure and What Caused It.

So about a month or so I was running my full monthly backup on my HP Pavilion 17-g121wm laptop using Macrium Reflect. The full backup ran without a hitch as it always does and then the verification cycle began. I left the laptop to complete it’s mission and came back an couple of hours later … Continue reading »

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HTX-242 Microphone Cable Repair Coming Soon???

  ******6-17-2020 Update****** – I’m now doing the HTX-212 and HTX-242 mic cords so if you want me to replace yours, just hit up the Contact Me page or send me an e-mail at . So if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll remember that I was gifted an old Radio Shack HTX-242 … Continue reading »

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